Monday, March 28, 2016

Yarny Goodness

For those who celebrate, I hope you all had a nice Easter.  As I am Greek Orthodox, our celebration is not until next month.  Orthodox Christians have Pascha (Easter) after Passover.

I want to show you some things in the works.....a crocheted bud scarf pattern using Lion Brands Landscapes....

a simple cowl.  US size 8 16" circular needle.  Cast on 96.  Knit a 2x2 rib for one inch, knit until you like the size, do a 2x2 rib for one inch and bind off.  I purchased this Cascade Yarns Pinwheel on Craftsy.  Huge skein of 440 yards in Hearts and Spades!  You can get quite a few cowls out of that much yardage.

I bought two, because at $5.97 a skein is just too good to pass up!

I have a spring garden scarf pattern in the works using the gorgeous Cloudborn Fibers yarn, also from Craftsy.

I'm adding an orange and yellow to the mix, instead of the magenta and purple in the above photo above.  I'll design something else with those.  Maybe a knitted scarf for fall.

Here's the orange and yellow, plus, I picked up a 3 color gradient in gray which I think I'll add some color to when I decide on a pattern.

Have a great week,

Purls of Wisdom:
Kinky circs?  Just run the cable under hot water until it straightens out!

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  1. I am also Greek orthodox but as my husband isn't we get two celebrations. I've not been fasting this year but i will for holy week.
    Love the colours of the bud scarf!


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