Monday, April 4, 2016

Fingerless Mitt Knitting

Happy Monday!  I think spring has finally come to the Midwest.  The sun is out, the birds are singing and rabbits are multiplying!

I've been working on knitting fingerless mitts and loving it!  This is my absolute go-to pattern for gift giving and charity knitting and one of my favs when traveling.  I'm using Lion Brand Heartland and iron-on appliques from Simplicity.  All was purchased at my local Joann Fabric Store.

I adore this little bird.  So chubby and sweet on its own, but I think it still needs something.  Maybe a little branch to sit on.  I'll add one using my limited embroidery skills.
You will notice that I put the embellishments on one mitt only.  One on each hand is a bit overkill in my mind if the appliques are each the same.

Look at the detail!  I could never do this kind of embroidery work on my own.  If you can, that's great.  For those of you that find it a bit daunting, these are perfect.

I like how this one stands out against the black mitt.  After I picked out all the iron-ons I liked, I went to the yarn section, took them out of the package and off the card they are lightly glued to, and held them against the yarn to see how it looked.

I've only finished these two sets, but will keep you posted on the progress.  The appliques cost anywhere from $2.49 to $5.49 a package.  Not cheap I know, but some have three per package and some have one.  They are super easy to iron on to your knitwear and don't interfere with the sizing of the mitt.  A hot iron, no steam and only using the tip of the iron, just hold it down for several seconds them move on the another part and do the same.

Some of you might remember my Heirloom Mitts pattern.  These are iron on appliques also and I put them on both mitts. If you purchase this pattern, you get all three mitt patterns and the headband pattern for $5.00.

The paper hands I use for photos came from Hobby Lobby for $2.47 in the kids craft section.  You get 30 in three different color hands. 

Here are my pattern shops if you are interested in the Heirloom Mitts pattern:

or at the top of this page in the heading sections.

Ok, that's it.....I HAVE to get out of my robe as it's 9 a.m.!  
Have a great week,

Purls of Wisdom:
Turn a garden tools bag into a project bag.  Turn it inside out so the pockets are on the inside, which keeps all your yarny bits and bobs on the inside of the bag.


  1. What lovely mitts and so much easier than sewing.

  2. Ooh I was just saying to my mum that one of those bags would be perfect for knitting supplies but I never thought of turning it inside out, thanks! :)


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