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Fortune Cookie Baby Booties

I had remembered a baby shower about two hours before I had to be there! No time for a blanket, but plenty time for some simple booties. I do mean simple. Too simple to give by themselves.
I always have these “take out” boxes on hand at Christmas time. There you go… instant gift. I hand wrote a little fortune….”good things come in small packages”. Not very original, but it worked. The mommy loved them and that’s all that matters.
Fortunes are included in the pattern!
Project Cards
Find them here

I created these cards for myself as I have many "PIGS" (projects in grocery sacks). Scarves started, but forgotten. A baby blanket that needs to be completed for a shower. A shawl put away for a rainy day.
I was constantly saying....what needle went with this project?
I wish I wrote down what hook I was using for this!
What pattern does this project belong to?
How many skeins do I need for this?
Print these cards off on your printer, punch a hole in one corner and attach it to your project with a safety pin or slide it on your circular needle.
Easy way to keep track of your PIGS.
Great gift for any knitter or hooker. Print them off, tie them up with cute ribbon, add a skein of yummy yarn, pair of needles or crochet hook and there you go....instant gift.
There are 10 on a page with all the information you need on one side, and plenty of room on the back to write down additional notes.
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