Monday, May 23, 2016

Free Pattern - Knitted Boot Cuffs

As warmer weather comes to the USA, we start to look for projects that are small.  I'm working on low cost items for our church youth group.  They are having a Gift Shop in the fall to raise money for themselves and fingerless mitts, crocheted dishcloths and boot cuffs are the perfect thing to work on over the summer.

I found this FREE pattern on Craftsy by Codi Hudnall.  Super simple and a very fun knit.  I'm going to be making loads of these in 2 different sizes.  

I used Lion Brand Heartland in Mammoth Cave.  The one in the photo is a size medium and used about 3/4 of the skein.  I'm rather "fluffy" and they fit me fine.  My grown, 23 year old, daughter is petite and these were far too big for her.  She'll need a small so, I'll be making those two sizes for their gift shop.

It's supposed to be raining all week in the Heartland, which also means tornado weather.  So, I guess I'll be quite happy to stay indoors and knit away!


Purls of Wisdom:
Speaking of sizes.....Need to keep track of sizes, especially if you make holiday gift giving goodies?  Use plastic bread ties! 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Some Thrift Store Finds

If you follow me on Instagram (the link button is on the right sidebar) you might have seen these already, but they are worth another look!  I don't often buy, but I like to share!

I love shopping in thrift stores and have been doing it since I was 12 years old....I'm 57 this month! My house is filled with "thrifting" treasures.

My mom and I went to a sale at a Jewish Temple, decades ago, and we were both instantly hooked.  That led us to Goodwill/Salvation Army stores and THE most amazing treasures.  Back then, thrift stores were filled with china, crystal and silverware.....shelves and shelves of it!  Lennox china sets, Waterford crystal stemware, silver pitchers and cutlery sets.  Gorgeous tablecloths, beautiful cloth napkins and china tea sets. Racks of cashmere sweaters, vintage clothing, purses, shoes...the list goes on.  We figure that children were giving away all these goodies after their parents passed away because none of it was their style.

Then in the 1970's or so, Barbara Streisand ruined it for us and fellow hunters.  She spilled the beans that she was also a Thrift Store Junkie during an interview.  Suddenly, it was all the rage.  

Well, my mom who is 86 years young and I are still going strong and still finding goodies!  We don't find so much of all the luxurious, expensive crystal and china because so many young people aren't into it and don't register for any when the get married.  They register at Target and Lowe's.

Anyhoos, here are some things I spotted this week.....
(the sheep, ceramic planter pictured above)

This interesting mug with a dribble coaster!

Someones beautiful embroidery and sweet crocheted hat!

Two needlepoint treasures.

A lovely baby pram for $50.  If only I had a grandchild.  My Scottish mother had one of this type when my 2 brothers and I were little.
Funny definition, but it works...

(pram 1 |pram|
short for perambulator .
ORIGIN late 19th cent.: contracted abbreviation of perambulator .
pram 2 |präm; pram|
a flat-bottomed sailboat.
• a small, flat-bottomed rowboat for fishing)

That's it for now.  Have a great week.


Purls of Wisdom:
I turned a small Lazy Susan and a stainless steel candlestick into an outer pull yarn buddy!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Embroirdered Mitts, and Other Fun Stuff

Not crazy about my leaf embroidery,  but they're good enough for who they're!

Thank you Lion Brand and Craftsy for the squishy goodness!

A great find, at the grocery store no less, reversible bag for $9.00.  Perfect for projects on the go.

New sew in labels for my knitwear from

Cosmetic bag makeover. 

Adding embelishments to store bought legwarmers.  Could be arm warmers too!

LOVE my hair tie bracelet so much, I bought one for my daughter and niece!

Have a great weekend!

Purls of Wisdom:
Turn a restaurant straw holder into DPN holder!

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