Monday, February 29, 2016

Knitting Garland Scarves

Thank you for the grand support of my crocheted Garland Scarves (photo below)!  I had so much fun designing and hooking those up.  Now, I know many hookers can also knit, so I'm in the process of writing up Garland Scarves for the knitter.

You can find the pattern for the crocheted Garland Scarves in my Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy shops.  Links at the top of this page.

My design process is rather simple.  I get an idea in my head, pick up the needles or hook and get started.  No schematics, usually, just jotting things down as I go along and it usually works out.
That's how it worked for the crocheted Garland Scarves.

I often do this process on the dining room table or the table in my knitting studio.  I need quite a bit of room  to work.  Pads of paper, pencil, different size hooks or needles, tapestry needle, balls of yarns in various colors, scissors etc.  My "knitting chair", which my brother calls "knitting central", doesn't allow enough room for all this.

I've got two patterns going on in this photo.  A green garland and pattern notes and another green garland and roses with pattern notes pinned to blocking boards.

You can see another scarf in the works at the top of this photo.  We usually don't eat at the table for WEEKS when I'm designing!  Pitiful, isn't it?

Here are some of my blocking boards.  If you buy big foam puzzle pieces, they are so much cheaper than traditional blocking boards, and if you get them on sale, even better.  I bought the flowered ones on clearance at WalMart.  Twenty pieces for $5.  I also use a yoga mat, usually for rectangular scarf blocking.

I store them all in a clear, plastic bag that came with a bedspread purchase years ago.

I have two designed with two more to go.  These knitted scarves will be more for the intermediate knitter, not the beginner/advanced knitter, as is usual for me.  I strive to design deceptively simple patterns with spectacular results (my motto), however sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.

Must get back to it.


Purls of Wisdom:
Tons of yarn tails get tossed out in the yard to help the birds make their nests.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Garland Scarves Pattern

If you follow me on instagram (button on the right side of this post), you've followed my progress on these crocheted Garland Scarves.   On a recent trip to Washington, DC, our nations capital here in the USA, the Cherry Blossom trees were in full bloom.  The view was spectacular!  I ran across the photos we took and was inspired to design a garland scarf.
Once I got started, I couldn't stop!

Cherry Blossom Garland Scarf
Super easy, three skein pattern for the advanced beginner or better.   So easy pink cherry blossoms and simple green leaves all together with a basic brown stem with branches.  Oh, and you can get more than one scarf from your three skeins.  We all love those kinds of projects.  I must tell you, I loved making the stem and little branches so much.  So much so, I made two more scarves in two different color ways.

On the Cherry Blossom Scarf, the leaves are crocheted right on the branches and the blossoms are crocheted separately and attached later.  If you look closely, some of the branches are bare and some have tiny buds.  You have total control on how many flowers, buds and leaves you want on your scarf. 

I give you lots of photos and tips and I'm always available if you have any questions.

I like it even without any flowers!

Roses are Red Garland Scarf
So, after I completed the first one, I made another in two colors...taupe and red.  It's tough to photograph red, but let me tell you, the colors are amazing together!

I adore this one.  Simple roses and buds with larger leaves that are just slightly more challenging to crochet.  I've put the bulk of the flowers on the ends of the scarf this time and made fewer leaves.  Of course, you can crochet as many as you like and place them anywhere you like.  Same stem and branches. 

This photo shows the taupe a little better.  

It looks a little grey here, which also would be fabo!

Nice in Neutral Garland Scarf
And because not everyone loves color, a neutral garland, that goes with everything.  Oh, and by the way, if you make it in all one color....this is a one skein project!  
I give you all the information you need.  Yarn:  Lion Brand Heartland in 6 colors.  The pattern for the stem/branches, leaves, cherry blossoms, roses and buds.   Lots of instructional photos and tips.

Oh,  and feel free to mix and match as you wish....

You can also use buttons instead!  These are from Joann Fabrics.

Or store bought felt pieces.  I found these for 66% off at Hobby Lobby, in the Valentine isle.

I hope you like them as much as I do.  Here's where you can find the pattern:

Have a great week,

Purls of Wisdom:
Keep a luggage tag on your project bag in case it gets left at the coffee shop, doctors office or airplane.  This is my favorite project bag....from Bloomingdale.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Turn Drab to Fab

Happy Monday all!  I'd like to share with you something I'm working on for our church fundraiser.  Every year during lent, All Holy Spirit Greek Orthodox Church, has a fish fry, just like many churches across the country.  Our young people do a bake sale during this event as well.  You know, cookies, brownies, Rice Crispy Treats and such.  I usually donate something savory like seasoned pretzels...

 or crusty bread.  I like to add the recipe and our church business card.  
What does this have to do with knitting?  Well, the woman in charge of the sale put out a cowl she crocheted and someone bought it.  Now, no knitter or crocheter can resist an opportunity to donate there work, right?  Fingerless mitts are the perfect project for that.

I'm whipping up some neutral mitts and adding a removable embellishment.  I think it really takes the mitts from drab to fab.  By making the flower removable, it allows the mitts to go to a male or female.

Stitch the embellishment to a barrette and you're done.

What knitting or crochet items do you like to donate?

Have a great week.  Here's a sneak peek at a new scarf pattern I'm working on...

Wait until you see, three variations.  One for the beginner, one for the advanced beginner and one to slightly challenge yourself!


Purls of Wisdom
This is my favorite project bag.  I found this plastic beauty years ago at a Bloomingdale's in New York.  It's the perfect size for knitting or hooking on the go. I keep a luggage tag on it and all my project bags....just in case I leave it at the coffee shop, doctors office or the airplane.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Knee High Slippers

I know you all have seen these gorgeous knee high socks all over the internet and Pinterest.  I don't recall the designer, but I have seen a crochet pattern, by someone else, for them on Ravelry.  

I love them just like you do, however, the time and talent required is a bit daunting.  Also, I love the bright colors, but my aesthetic is on the more muted colors side.

I found a nice bought slippers!  I found these, by Lemon, at my local Marshall's, on the clearance rack for $10.00.  The regular price was $50.

These grey ones are crocheted is a luxurious angora.  I crocheted a couple roses and leaves and hand stitched them on.  I love how they turned out and so did my daughter, who promptly put them in her purse after I took the photos!

She said if I made some without the feet, they'd be great boot cuffs!  A future project for sure.

These are knitted and I whipped up some daisies using my Daisy Loom and some Patons Lace yarn.  I attached them with needle and thread going right in the center of each flower.  I adore the gradient look of these.
If you can't or don't want to crochet some flowers or have a Daisy Loom, store bought felt pieces are cute too.   You could cut out your own shapes from felt as well.

Felted cherries.....

or store bought pom poms are fun as well.  Or make your own pom poms from your yarn scraps.  You could also try buttons, surface crochet or hand stitching designs on them. 

Have a great week and Happy Valentine's Day!


Purls of Wisdom:
Speaking of V-Day, recycle your chocolate box to hold your small notions.

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