Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Pile of Projects

I've got a slew of projects surrounding "my chair"!  New patterns, Christmas prezzies and photo shoots still to do.  I'm working on a new pattern.....Boyfriend Beanie and Arm Warmers set,

...a scarf pattern using one skein of yarn in 3 or 4 different weights.  One skein of Artyarns (above),

One skein of Mizzrahi chunky weight,

and one skein of Red Heart Boutique.  Same pattern, different weight yarn and only one skein for each scarf.  Perfect for the costly, yet oh so yummy, Artyarn skeins in your stash.

I'm also working on a boyfriend blanket.  Not MY boyfriend!!!  My daughter is seeing a great guy from Michigan.  He is a big Detroit Lions fan, so he is getting an afghan in team colors!  I've GOT to get that finished by this weekend.

I've finished another Sockhead Hat using one skein of Fiesta Baby Boom in Cedar Crest.  You might have to check back after the holidays to get that yarn.  I see they are sold out of many lines.  Here's the link to my Ravelry project page for the pattern link.  Not the greatest pic.  The yarn colors are very rich, as are all the Baby Boom colors are.

I've also been working on Blanket Scarves.  I know you have seen them all over Pinterest.  


I adore them.  So chic and ever so cozy.  Get yourself some flannel fabric.  I found some on sale at Joann's Fabric for $4.99 a yard.  Look in the flannel section AND the shirting section.  You need anywhere from 1 1/2 yards to 2 1/2 yards.  As the saying goes....go big or go home!  If you're fluffy like me, try 2 to 2/12 yards.  My petite daughter likes the 1 1/2 yard size.  All you do is pick out the edges, 

one or two strings at a time.  That's it!

I used a pointy size 1 knitting needle to help them along.  I'm sorry I don't have photos on a live model.....working on that too!  

I hope to see you next week with new patterns!

Yarn tip:
When you are working on something in the round that starts with ribbing,  I like to do the rib section back and forth as you do on straight needles.  After that section is complete, I join and then start knitting in the round.  When the project is complete, I just seam up the rib section with the cast on tail.  Doing it this way is so much easier to join without fear of twisting your cast on edge.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Luscious Yarn and a Custom Knitting Mug

I've been so very tardy in posting.......I don't know how some bloggers get it all done!  I think I just love to knit/crochet more than anything else.  Well, except traveling!  

My hubby and I took a little break from the frigid cold of the midwest, the day after Thanksgiving, to drive to Arizona where it was in the upper 70's the whole week!  A visit to a local yarn shop in Scottsdale was one of MY highlights.  The shop had a lovely staff, coffee, cookies and chairs for bored husbands!  You have to love them taking the time to "cake" your skeins too.  

Just look at the gorgeous deal I found!  Jessica Knits....and crochets had this Mango Moon in the sale bin.  It is hand dyed in Napal and provides safe shelter, health care and education to the women there.

150 yards for $11.00 is a good price, but, in the sale bin for $6.00 is a GREAT price.  I snatched them all up.  I bought one in Bluebell, three in Butter and two in Carnation.  Aren't they just gorgeous?  I've worked with this yarn before to make a giant rectangular shawl in a multi and it turned out lovely. I might do the same here.

We also had a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright winter home there....Taliesin West.  For those of you who don't know who Wright is, I snapped this off of Wikipedia:

We took a wonderful tour of this home, which is now a school of architecture with the students living there.  He built this in the late 1900's and was extremely cutting edge when everything was so victorian in nature.  

If any of you remember this flower pillow post, I had the photo transferred to coffee mugs for a few Christmas prezzies!  

Walgreens had all their photo products half off, so I thought I'd see how they turned out.  I made four.  Keeping one for myself, giving one to my Scottish mom filled with tea bags and a gift card and one to one of my best girlfriends with a chocolate candle inside.  That leaves one extra for a future gift to someone.  I like how they turned out.

Super easy to do online and they came out to $6.00 each.

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by!

Yarn tip:
When you purchase skeins from a yarn shop, ask them to wind them into cakes for you.  Then, they are ready to start your project when you are.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Autumns Bounty Blanket Pattern

 I have a new pattern to show you today.....Autumns Bounty Blanket.  The colors are brilliant and rich, just like the fall leaves here in the midwest USA this time of year.  I adore the entrelac stitch, the results are dazzling.  Interlocking rectangles which resembles a basket weave pattern.  All you are really doing is knitting and purling on only 10 stitches at a time.

 If you use gradient yarn, there is no need to change colors.  It's not a quick knit, but very satisfying, indeed.  I knit a simple, garter stitch, slightly ruffled border in a complimentary color, so the entire project is knitted.  

 I contemplated doing a crocheted edge, in the same gradient yarn, but felt it would be too busy and compete with the body of the blanket too much.  Also, I am mindful that not every knitter also crochets.    However, if you do, any crocheted border would look stunning in the solid color.  Get out those crocheted border books or use your fav edging.

Here's the way the pattern listing reads on Etsy:
The color changing yarn is the brilliance in this basket weave look stitch pattern. No need to change colors as you go. The effect is stunning! 

I have included video links for the entrelac stitch so you can see how to knit this beautiful stitch. It's not a quick knit, but very satisfying with gradient yarn.

I have included the brand names, colors and amounts of yarn needed for the blanket.

Easily make it larger or smaller to fit your needs. 

Skill level: intermediate. Some experience, more intricate stitches, shaping and finishing. I'm always available to help you along the way!

Measurements: 35” W x 49” L (89cm W x 124cm)

I wouldn't recommend this is for the beginner, however, I don't like to discourage either.  I have included a video link in the pattern, to show you how to knit this stitch.  Watching it done is extremely helpful.  If you have knit a scarf in entrelac, you can certainly make this blanket.

Crafsty has a class....Entrelac Knitting with Gwen Bortner, if you are interested in that.  

So, there you have it!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great hump day!

You can find all my pattern shops at the top of this page in the header, or

Click here to find the pattern on Etsy

Yarn tip:
When working a large entrelac project, consider knitting backwards to avoid turning your work!  Here is a helpful link backwards-or-mirror-knitting/  .

Side note:  11-14-14.  I used Mary Maxim Prism yarn for this blanket and it happens to be on sale, this weekend only, for $4.99.  Regular price is $6.99!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cooking With Sheila In The 60's

It's fall here in the midwest.  Crisp air, falling leaves, putting away the lawn mower and getting out the snow blower.  For me, that means a busy time with my pattern shops (listed at the top of this page in the header) and custom orders for the holidays.  It also means simple dinners.  Soups, stews, crusty homemade bread and hot sandwiches.   

I have some little foodie tid-bits from the 1960's I thought some of you might find interesting:

1962 -  Andy Warhol exhibits his Campbell Soup Can painting

1963 - Julia Child's The French Chef debuts.

1965 - Cool Whip and Tang hit the supermarket

1965 - Pringles too

Deviled eggs appear at dinner parties as fancy finger foods, which I think is hysterical!  Jackie Kennedy puts a French chef in the White House and in 1964, pop top soda cans allow us to drink colas without a can opener.  The toaster was the most popular appliance and do you remember The Galloping Gourmet?

It's the time of year I stock up on canned items for my pantry.  Canned beans (all sorts of white, black, red, chick peas and black eyed peas).  The beans are great for minestrone soup using leftover meat and veggies.  I make my own hummus using a can of chick peas or white beans, olive oil, lots of minced garlic, some lemon juice, salt and pepper, a dash of hot sauce and a teaspoon of peanut butter (instead of the traditional tahini). 

Pick up some canned potatoes for sautéing in a pan with Cavender's seasoning and olive oil and serving with eggs.  Much quicker than using raw potatoes.  

Canned green beans sautéed with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper and minced garlic.  Have Campbell soups of all kinds too.  I use them in casseroles and as a base for soups.  I'm a firm believer in canned items as long as you know how to use them.  I also stock up on frozen veggies of all kinds.  Peas, mixed vegetables, hash browns, breakfast sausage and so on.  

Jarred sauces are a fav too!  Alfredo sauce to use with cooked pasta, some leftover chicken, a handful of peas and maybe some cherry tomatoes.   

As I write this, I have 3 chicken thighs simmering in a pot with water, onion scraps, two celery stalks, one carrot, minced garlic and some herbs.  It will be the base for chicken noodle soup with dry egg noodles and some frozen mixed veggies.   After I strain the stock, debone the chicken and cut it up into pieces, I put just the chicken and stock back in the same pot.  I put the heat back on to simmer, add a small handful of the dry egg noodles to cook until just done.  I plop in a pat of butter, a teaspoon of dried parsley and some half and half.  Served with crusty bread or rolls, it's a complete meal.

Read about the crusty bread on this post.

If you'd like to try Greek Chicken, read the post here.

Happy cooking!


Food tip:
I buy two cans at a time.  That way, when I use one, I have another ready to go.  When I use the first can, I add it to the grocery list to pick up just one can the next time I go to the store.

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