Monday, March 21, 2016

Knitting With Picture Yarn

So, I'm knitting with picture yarn for the first time.  For those of you who do not know what that is, let me explain.  It is dyed in a particular way, with "pictures" on it, so when you knit, the picture magically appears.  I have no idea of how she does this!
This is the brilliance of Abi Grasso!

I'm knitting a pair of fingerless gloves, ere go the hole.
You can see my first shot is a mess.  Good thing I added a lifeline.  I can see that those little white zig zags, in the brown section,  should be lining up.  That is key with this yarn.  Your image needs to line up for the picture to appear.  I ripped out to the lifeline and went down one needle size from US 2 to US 1.

My second attempt is much better.  This is not a good pattern for the beginner.  You have to do quite a bit of tugging along each row for everything to line up properly. 
All three skeins and a paper pattern come with your purchase.  I think it also had a stitch marker in it.

This is Abi's photo and you can see her mushroom tops are not spread out like mine.  For me, I think a US size 0 might make things easier.  I might even rip out the whole thing and start over.  Yikes!

Here is a shot of her Etsy shop.  If you want the toadstool yarn, (I don't see it in her shop) just send her a note and she'll get back to you.

Have a great week,

Purls of Wisdom:
I like to use these point protectors for sock or glove knitting.  I got these for free with a knitting magazine....not sure which one.  They are meant to keep a set of dpns together, but they work great for keeping a project from unraveling in your bag.

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