Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Shawl and Thrift Store Findings

I'm working on a summer shawl pattern.  Gorgeous colors of the sea and very easy to knit up.  

It's in the blocking stage at the moment.  I block most of my shawls "dry" then give them a heavy spray of water with a few drops of Soak in the bottle.  I find it much easier this way as sometimes a soaked shawl or scarf is a bit unruly. 

I'll be adding some beading to the short ends for interest and a little weight.  Still working out the details on that.

One lonely, yarny blanket in a thrift store last week.  Usually you can find 5-10 on a rack.

I did spy these vintage flower loom project books.  So retro and lovely.  Really takes me back to my childhood as I grew up in the 60's and 70's.

Last, but not least, my pal Joan is riding her bike across Scotland.  She's my age, mid 50's and I just can't imagine doing that myself.  I'm so very grateful that she took the time to hunt down a shop, send me photos of fiber, worked it all out with the shop owner and get it in the mail to me.  I'm going to get two shawls out of this yardage, one for myself and one for Joan, of course.  She lives in Denver, Colorado USA, so it will be perfect!

Anyhoo, she sent me this lovely spool of sapphire worsted weight goodness from the Isle of Iona with two labels.  The shop is Iona Craft Shop if you happen to be up that way.

The sheep graze every corner of the island and when summer comes they are sheared to enjoy the sun.  They sort through the fleeces one by one then they are spun together to become Iona Wool.

The postcard on the right shows the beautiful sunrise over the sound of Iona.

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Purls of Wisdom,
I purchase my blocking boards from any store that carries giant foam puzzles for children, in the toy department.  So much cheaper than traditional blocking boards. Don't have blocking boards?  Lay out your project on the carpet or bed mattress. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Winning Some Craftsy Love

Look what arrived the other day.  I won the May Craftsy Yarn Giveaway!  Whoo hoo!  I see some grey fingerless mitts, a denim cowl and some dishcloths in my future.

I found these lovely mechanical pencils at Michael's for $1.50.  Love them! 

The scarf behind them was made from my Easy Triangle Scarf pattern and some Artiste Crochet Thread in Sandstone that you can find at Hobby Lobby.

Find the pattern in my 

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Scarf Pattern in Progress and Other Yarnigans

As the summer rolls in, here is the midwest USA, it's time for me to think about winter!  I do my "winter line" of scarves, blankets, hats and such during the warm weather months for my pattern shops.

I get several requests from knitters and crocheters to do more designing using super bulky weight yarn and fat needles and hooks.  I totally get that!  Super quick projects that don't cost a ton of money.

My first scarf pattern is the Urban Infinity.  You'll get instructions for 5 or 6 scarves using the same pattern but with different brands/kinds of yarn.  Some you can find in your local craft store and some using "yummy" yarn that comes from a local yarn shop or on line.

I've got three to show you today.

Here's some yummy Knit Picks Stroll Fingering yarn I picked up on clearance.  The three on the right are on my needles now doing a Profusion Cowl by Karen MaCall.  

That turquoise one is called Frozen and screams "little girl slouchy hat" to me!

I love this yarn bowl I purchased from Back Creek Pottery in Montana.  Reminds me a little of The Hunchback From Notre Dame.  I just love it!  You won't see these on her site, but if you contact here through the website, she will get right back to you.

Oh, and just LOOK at what Hobby Lobby is stocking on its shelves.....dyeable yarn and dye!

This is worsted weight (4) acrylic yarn for $3.49, 4oz, 205 yards.  The Rit dye is $4.99 a bottle.  As the yarn is acrylic, you cannot use the regular Rit dye.  This dye is especially for acrylic yarn.  If you have some white or cream acrylic yarn in your stash, you could use that.  Just be sure to pick up some of this special dye.  

I'm planning on giving this a go sometime this summer!  I'll keep you posted.

This crochet thread is also from Hobby Lobby and I just love it!  The softest crochet thread I have ever used and comes in loads of yummy colors, solid and variegated.  I'm working on some cotton scarves using my Easy Triangle Scarf pattern.  Even in the heat of summer, I like to wear these as stores, offices and restaurants are so chilly with the air conditioning set to "freeze".

Aren't these blank journals cute?  Michael's has them on sale for $.50 a piece!

And now for something completely different.....Lego peeps!  I spotted these in a sort of junk shop in The Old Market here in Omaha, Ne.  

Find my Easy Triangle Scarf and all my patterns on 


Purls of Wisdom:
This is the time of year when you can find great deals on yarn.  Take advantage to the sales and stock up.  When I purchase yarn I often have an idea of what I'll use it for at a later date.  I jot down the information on a post it note and include the pattern name.  When my order arrives, I place the post it note on the bag or skein so I don't forget why I bought it!

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