Saturday, November 9, 2013

Technicolor Granny Blanket - 2nd Pattern In A Series of Four!

If you followed my post last week, you know about the Technicolor Chevron Blanket.  Well, here is project number two is a series of four! 
Technicolor Granny Blanket is so easy.  If you can crochet a granny square, you can make this.  Perfect for the newbie "hooker" who is ready to move on from scarves to something only slightly more challenging.
Perfect for the stroller and won't get caught in the wheels.  So colorful that any child would be happy to snuggle down for a nap with all this squishy goodness!
The Technicolor Chevron Blanket,
Technicolor Granny Blanket,
Technicolor Linen Blanket and
Technicolor Wave Blanket
(photos below) patterns are ready to purchase in my Etsy shop, Craftsy shop or Ravelry shop.  
The 3rd pattern in the series ready....Technicolor Linen Blanket.  I love this stitch as it looks like fine linen.

The 4th pattern, Technicolor Wave Blanket is ready too!

You can make all 4 blankets with the one yarn purchase. I have put all 4 patterns together in a bundle for one low price.  Find them all in my Etsy shop.  That would be 4 blankets total you can make from the one yarn purchase!  It comes out to about $17.00 per blanket.  There is still plenty of yarn left for a wee hat and booties!
Have a great week,
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Yarn tip from Knitsimple:
Not sure if you have enough yarn left to make it across the next row?  Stretch the yarn gently across the entire width of the piece back and forth three times.  If you can make it back to the edge, you'll have enough to complete the row.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Technicolor Blanket and A Little Lesson in Color

Wow!  Now THAT'S colorful!  I just adore custom orders that include all this glorious technicolor!  With all this yarn....17 skeins.....I'm sure to get 3 or 4 blankets out of that kind of yardage.  This one measures 33" W x 48" L (83cm x 122cm).  I'm working on blanket #2 in a granny sort of pattern.  I'll be getting that one written up this weekend.

11/6/13 post script:  I've made 3 DIFFERENT blankets out of all this yardage and am working on a 4th!
 The colors are so bright and clear.  Picking out the right colors is very important when using more than one color at a time.  They must be of the same hue to all "go together".  Like when you are at the hardware store in the paint department.  The paint chip colors they have on display are of the same hue.  There might be 5 displays, all of them have basically the same colors, but it's the hue that makes them coordinate.  Same thing with yarn.  I've helped many a customer in the yarn department of a store.  Not that I work there, it's just, I can't help myself!  I see someone struggling with choosing from all the choices in texture and color.  I just ask them what they are making and a conversation starts.
For this order, I had 20 skeins lined up on the floor.  Switching them all about.  Bent over at the waist.  Putting some back.  Replacing others that didn't look right.  This is the result, 17 skeins in the order I had them on the floor.  There were about 3 ladies watching me, in silence, do my thing.  When I was done, I lifted my head and said..."well, how'd I do girls"?  They all laughed and were very complimentary.  One lady, about 20 something, wanted a little lesson in color.  I quickly put 10 skeins on the floor that were the same colors as in the photo above, but not the same hue so she could see the difference.  It was great fun as we all shared knitting and crocheting stories of who taught us, what we have made and what will be the go-to gift to make for the holiday approaching.
 I found a great etsy seller and had them make these custom buttons for me.  Twenty four wood buttons, for $27 plus shipping,  with my etsy shop info on them.  Angie and Brittany at Rememberwynn are jewels to work with!  Even if you don't sell your items, how cute would they be on a hand made with love pair of mittens, scarf or blanket you are gifting?  Hand Made With Love from.....
Well, I'm off to do another blanket and see how many I get out of all that yarn!  Will keep you posted.  Have a great weekend!  Find the pattern here.

Yarn tip:
If you are a beginner, stick to light colored yarn.  Darker colors are harder to see.  Newbies should also try to stay away from mohair as it is very difficult to rip out.  And stay away from loosely spun yarn as it splits easily.

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