Monday, February 8, 2016

Knee High Slippers

I know you all have seen these gorgeous knee high socks all over the internet and Pinterest.  I don't recall the designer, but I have seen a crochet pattern, by someone else, for them on Ravelry.  

I love them just like you do, however, the time and talent required is a bit daunting.  Also, I love the bright colors, but my aesthetic is on the more muted colors side.

I found a nice bought slippers!  I found these, by Lemon, at my local Marshall's, on the clearance rack for $10.00.  The regular price was $50.

These grey ones are crocheted is a luxurious angora.  I crocheted a couple roses and leaves and hand stitched them on.  I love how they turned out and so did my daughter, who promptly put them in her purse after I took the photos!

She said if I made some without the feet, they'd be great boot cuffs!  A future project for sure.

These are knitted and I whipped up some daisies using my Daisy Loom and some Patons Lace yarn.  I attached them with needle and thread going right in the center of each flower.  I adore the gradient look of these.
If you can't or don't want to crochet some flowers or have a Daisy Loom, store bought felt pieces are cute too.   You could cut out your own shapes from felt as well.

Felted cherries.....

or store bought pom poms are fun as well.  Or make your own pom poms from your yarn scraps.  You could also try buttons, surface crochet or hand stitching designs on them. 

Have a great week and Happy Valentine's Day!


Purls of Wisdom:
Speaking of V-Day, recycle your chocolate box to hold your small notions.


  1. They look like fun! Love the embellishing

  2. These socks are super cute. Love the embellishments! The valentine's box is a good idea. Fun!

  3. well...i have never seen them and they are too cute for works. i must be out of the loop and i must change that!!!! this is something i would LOVE to make!!!!

  4. These are gorgeous, I especially love the daisies in the gradient.

  5. Is there a crochet version? These are adorable!

    1. If you pop over to Ravelry, I think there are a few patterns to crochet something similar. 🐑


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