Monday, February 29, 2016

Knitting Garland Scarves

Thank you for the grand support of my crocheted Garland Scarves (photo below)!  I had so much fun designing and hooking those up.  Now, I know many hookers can also knit, so I'm in the process of writing up Garland Scarves for the knitter.

You can find the pattern for the crocheted Garland Scarves in my Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy shops.  Links at the top of this page.

My design process is rather simple.  I get an idea in my head, pick up the needles or hook and get started.  No schematics, usually, just jotting things down as I go along and it usually works out.
That's how it worked for the crocheted Garland Scarves.

I often do this process on the dining room table or the table in my knitting studio.  I need quite a bit of room  to work.  Pads of paper, pencil, different size hooks or needles, tapestry needle, balls of yarns in various colors, scissors etc.  My "knitting chair", which my brother calls "knitting central", doesn't allow enough room for all this.

I've got two patterns going on in this photo.  A green garland and pattern notes and another green garland and roses with pattern notes pinned to blocking boards.

You can see another scarf in the works at the top of this photo.  We usually don't eat at the table for WEEKS when I'm designing!  Pitiful, isn't it?

Here are some of my blocking boards.  If you buy big foam puzzle pieces, they are so much cheaper than traditional blocking boards, and if you get them on sale, even better.  I bought the flowered ones on clearance at WalMart.  Twenty pieces for $5.  I also use a yoga mat, usually for rectangular scarf blocking.

I store them all in a clear, plastic bag that came with a bedspread purchase years ago.

I have two designed with two more to go.  These knitted scarves will be more for the intermediate knitter, not the beginner/advanced knitter, as is usual for me.  I strive to design deceptively simple patterns with spectacular results (my motto), however sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.

Must get back to it.


Purls of Wisdom:
Tons of yarn tails get tossed out in the yard to help the birds make their nests.  

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