Friday, January 29, 2016

New Blanket Pattern

Two of my most favorite things are yarn and fabric!  I absolutely fell in love with this fabric when I spied it in Joann Fabrics. Soft, minky love and very Cath Kidston to me.  She is a popular gal in the United Kingdom and is all things feminine and flowery. 

My #1 selling pattern is the 

It's a super simple crocheted blanket with fabric on one side.  I've received many emails over the years to design one that can be put together with a sewing machine.  The original pattern is far too bulky to handle that so you must hand sew the fabric on.  Actually, I don't mind hand sewing but I totally get those that cringe at the idea.

Your wish is granted!  A simple crochet stitch, flowers, leaves and pom pom trim all crocheted and put together with minky fabric.  Easy peasy to run through your machine.

 I attached the pom pom trim and flowers to the yarn side to add interest, but you could add it to the fabric side if you like it that way.

Lovely flowers and leaves add a whimsy, 3D effect to the fabric side.  Really easy patterns and I've given you a video link for the pom pom trim.  Lots of up close photos too.
As with all my patterns, I'm always available to help you along the way.

 Add them to the fabric side or the yarny side.  Either way I love it!

Worsted weight yarn, 1620 yards (1482m) will get you this 49" L x 33" W (124cm x 84cm) size.  
*****Selling the finished product is permitted*****

Of course, there are some great prints for boys too!  You can make one for yourself too in any size you like and it's doubly warm.

You can find the pattern in my 

Etsy shop




Purls of Wisdom:
I love my scissor sharpener from Fiskars.  I found mine at Hancock Fabrics for about $8.00.  If you don't have one, you can still sharpen them with foil.  Just fold up a piece a few times and cut.


  1. That is beautiful! But, I am seriously at a loss as to how you sew this together! I would be so scared to snag something...of course my knitting is good on its own and same with sewing, but putting the two together - definitely scary!

    1. Thank you, Heather, it will easily go together with a sewing machine. The fabric is not fleece but is a minky fabric.

  2. What a delightful blanket! The fabric, the trim, the ROSES!!!! It's just wonderful.

  3. Beautiful blanket, I wish we could get minky like that here in Australia!

  4. oh my gosh this is gorgeous! I wish I could crochet and make it...and sew too..eeek. someday. just beautiful!

  5. What a pretty blanket! I love florals :)


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