Monday, January 4, 2016

Knitting Crush Find

Look at these fun carpet tiles from!  I must get some for my knitting studio.  I have a friend that has purchased from this company and she can't say enough about how happy she is with hers.  

Carpet squares that you connect together yourself to make a rug.  You can see that two of the styles are on sale.

I'm partial to this design and it comes in different colors.  One thing I like about this idea is that you can lay them out any which way before connecting them together.  I would like to see how it would look with the tiles all going in one direction.

This one that looks likes sweaters feels cozy and warm to me and comes in different colors.

Now they're not cheap.  The colorful one (top photo) in a 5' x 7' size, which is 12 tiles, would be about $150 plus shipping.  However, I have seen not so interesting area rugs for the same price in stores.  I think It would be worth the money to have something this special.

Which one would you choose?

Here's the link to Flor.

Have a great week!

Purls of Wisdom:
Make a knot in an elastic band to keep track of rows on your tablet.  Stretch it slightly, knot it and you're done.  Just slide it up and down as needed.  I couldn't resist adding a charm! If you don't have any elastic, a fat rubber band would do the trick.


  1. Those carpet tiles are amazing! I love Roadside Attraction best. (Why is it named that?!!)

    1. Here's my theory....only a man would choose a name like THAT!


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