Sunday, January 6, 2013

Downton Abbey(ish) Blanket

I am a HUGE fan of Downton Abbey!  The new season begins tonight!  Will Lady Edith finally find someone?  Will wedding bells REALLY ring for Lady Mary and Matthew?  What will become of Mr. Bates?  Who really killed Vera Bates?  If you ask me, I think Anna did?  Will Thomas and O'Brien get their comeuppance? And....all that money!  Will it last?  I can hardly stand it!

I grew up watching PBS as my mother is from Scotland and PBS shows have always been heavy on the British classics.  This was back in the days of 3 tv channels and only one television in the house!  You also had to get up from the chair to change the channel.  Hard to believe today, right?  We didn't even get a color tv until 1975, which might sound like forever ago, but I'm pretty sure we were the only family still watching their 19" Zenith black and white!  Soooooo embarrassing for a house of high schoolers!

Anyway, back to 2013!  This is my ode to Downton Abbey.  This crocheted, reversible baby blanket, is as close to the era as I could find.  I believe it's a bit before the 1920's, as Downton is at the moment.  However, when I spied this fabric, I just had to make a baby blanket for the mommy, who also is a DA follower.   

Wonderful, muted colors of Lady Mary Red, Edith Green With Envy, Matthew Sky Blue, Mrs. Patmore Mustard Yellow and Daisy Pink.

You can find the pattern here.  A very easy, beginner pattern.  No sewing machine required.

So, get out your tv watching knitting or crochet project, and cozy up to watch the season opener tonight!  Shirley Maclaine as Lady Crawley's Mom......perfect casting!



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