Saturday, January 26, 2013

Golden Harvest Blanket

I love my mechanic! You read it right! My auto mechanic! Women love this guy because he is honest, never doing work that is not necessary. If you have ever been taken to the cleaners by an auto repair, you know what I mean. 

For his upcoming wedding, he and his fiance deserve something special!  Golden Harvest Blanket is perfect for them.  

I used my Grey Gardens pattern (above) for this.  Omitting the feminine picot edge with a simple single crochet edge.  The pattern is great for tv watching, car trips or getting cozy in front of the fire! 

Shades of brown, cream and white fit in well with their home out in the country.  I always attached my label with a little sterling "made with love" charm.  You can find these cute little charms at Bohemian Findings.  The labels are from Sasha in her shop here.  Don't think you need a shop to add a lovely label or charm to your crafts!

The yarn is a bit "drapey" but it's very soft.  Would be fine for a smaller, baby blanket and not a large piece like this, which is 60" L x 40" W.  Next time I'll use a heavier worsted weight to give it more girth.  

I received some Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee Soft Secret.  It's very similar to Caron Simply Soft.  I love the yummy names....cocoa, cognac, honey and biscuit!  

If you have or buy this pattern, I'm happy to send you the info for this one. Just provide your email address.

Happy hooking,


  1. the colors of the blanket are so wonderful, what a beautiful piece of work. <3

  2. very pretty! found you on Hookin on Humpday!

  3. so pretty! (my first visit here.....I got tickled with your bio---I'm sitting in MY chair right now, surrounded by yarn, yarn, a bit of fabric and embroidery, and more yarn!)

    1. Steph, ha, that's funny! Thanks for the note and kind words!


  4. What a lovely blanket! You did a great job. Thanks for linking up to Hookin on Hump Day!


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