Saturday, February 14, 2015

Five Pairs of Socks and.....

I've been on a major sock knitting binge.  Not sure what has come over me, but I am quite enjoying it!  The pattern is free from Susan B. Anderson.  You can find it on Ravelry.  A very simple pattern for a very basic sock with fabulous results.  All the yarns are either sock yarn or fingering weight (1).  I used US size 1 double point needles for all the socks.

The sock on the farthest left is a fun yarn from indie dyer Dyeabolical.  You can find her shop link on Ravlery.  She is in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri!  One skein of Strong Arm Skinny Sock Yarn in Firefly, 400 yards.  I'm still working on the second sock.  Fun colorway for a boy, I think.  Red, yellow and black.

The purple(ish) one next to it has lost its yarn band....sorry about that.  

The pretty blue ones in the middle is one skein of Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Whitewash, 420 yards and I still have quite a bit left so I might make some ankle socks.  These were a joy to knit.  So very soft and squishy.  They are so pretty and feminine.  Quite a luxury sock that I plan on wearing often with my Birkenstock sandals. I found this yarn in Des Moines, Iowa at Yarn Junction Co.  A lovely new shop in Valley Junction if you are in the area.

The rainbow pair next to those is one skein of Plymouth Yarn Stiletto in color number 820, 384 yards.  There is no color name on the band, just the color number.  These are a gift for one of my cousins that has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  She will start here chemo treatments soon.  I am so very upset about this news I can't tell you.  One feels so helpless at a time like this.  All I could think to do was knit some rainbow socks for her.  I hope they will brighten up her day.  

This fun, muted rainbow one was a bit difficult to knit.  It is two skeins of Patons Kroy Socks in Sporty Stripes, 166 yards per skein.  The yarn band says it is super fine (1) weight, but it looks and feels like a sport weight to me.  Still, I love the colors!

The ones on my feet are also a Madeline Tosh Merino Light yarn.  One skein in Morning Dove, 420 yards.  Again, have tons of yarn left over for a pair of anklets.  

I found these in a little shop called Tandem Brick in Des Moines, Iowa on a recent visit.  It says it all!

This photo cracked me up when I found out it is actress Joanne Froggatt....Anna Bates of Downton Abby!  You can see it in the latest issue of Mollie Makes issue 49.  So cute!

I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day!


Yarn tip:
When I am working with a paper pattern, I slip it in a clear page protector and pin it to the arm of my chair.  It allows me to easily read the pattern and move my "post-it-note" down the the page to keep track of what row I am on.


  1. Wonderful work, Sheila! Lovely yarns! Visiting from Yarn Fanatic Link Party!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  2. Love all the socks, but particularly the Plymouth and Patons Kroy. Sending all best wishes to your cousin - I'm sure the socks will brighten her day. Thanks for the yarn tip - what a great idea!

  3. Great looking socks! I am knitting a pair right now as well and think I'll whip up another pair or two after that.

  4. You have a wonderful assortment of socks there. I just love Patons Kroy. It's nice to knit and seems to wear pretty well.

  5. Impressive socks! Wow that is a lot of socks!!!

  6. I love all your socks - great colors! And that a splendid idea to pin the pattern to the chair.

  7. 1) That's ALOT of socks. Good for you!
    2) Hilarious picture of "Anna Bates". I never would have recognized her.
    3) What a great tip for reading the paper pattern. I usually mark it with a pencil and try to erase it after, but honestly after I have used the pattern a couple of times, you can't tell which mark is the one you are looking for. Thanks for that sweet tip.

  8. You are good! I always suffer from one sock-itis!

  9. That is a MAJOR amount of excellent work!


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