Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chocolate Box Reinvent and Make Your Own Sock Blockers

Did any of you receive a box of chocolates from your Valentine?  Me neither!  My daughter did, however, from her boyfriend.  She gave me this heart shaped box when she finished the treats as she knows my love of reusing things.  

It's perfect for holding my knitting/crochet bits and bobs.  Stitch markers, plastic bread bag ties for fair isle bobbins, buttons, needle protectors, ribbon, small rubber bands for keeping small balls of yarn from unraveling, hair barrettes for the same use, an empty dental floss container for cutting thread or yarn, row counters and circular needle cord stoppers.

All perfectly nestled in the box for easy access.

I also put to use some wire hangers.  "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS"!  That's funny if you know about movie actress Joan Crawford and her distain for wire hangers.

Anyhoos, to make some affordable, wire hanger sock blockers, just give it a pull in the middle then bend back the top point towards the opposite point.  I covered the hanger part with electrical tape so as not to snag the socks.  Slide your just washed socks over them and hang outside, over a shower curtain rod or in your laundry room.  

They dry super fast with all that open space the hanger provides and the sock fits great after.

These are Mary Maxim Step It Up in Tie died 

I hope you have a rainbow in your day,

Yarn tip:
Be brave with color when you make socks.  I would never knit a rainbow sweater, but I definitely would wear them on my feet!


  1. What a great idea! Love the rainbow socks.

  2. visiting from Natural Suburbia linky...what a cool idea! If I ever get a box of chocolates, that is! But maybe I should just go buy my own...I use beads alot!

  3. Love those socks! Clever idea using the wire hanger to make a sock blocker. I would steal it but I genuinely don't have any wire hangers lol

  4. What a fun idea to reuse the chocolate box!

  5. I had to search everywhere when I wanted wire hangers for my socks. You can't find them anywhere anymore.

  6. I love the sock blocking idea. Clever and cheap.


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