Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Pattern Writing Journey

Look at these lovely journals I found at Michaels' for $.50 each!  I have these all over my house at the ready for any thoughts, pattern ideas, yarn samples and such.  

At 80 pages each, it's a steal!  They're also a great gift for your knitting/crochet buddy.  Buy some Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Sunrise (bright and gorgeous as the name suggests) when you pick up the journals.  The picture doesn't show off the gold outline on some of the journals.  Whether you like things fancy or.....

a little more subdued,  they are just beautiful.  This yarn is the same brand in Polo, not as bright as Sunrise. 

I keep one in my purse, on my bedside table as I often get ideas trying to fall asleep, by "my chair", and in an empty suitcase so I won't forget one when I travel.

I love the colors in these!  It gives me an idea for a new baby blanket pattern!

Here's my very first journal!  My journey to knitwear pattern designer came about quite by accident!  Many years ago, I had some problems with my feet and needed to stay off them for long periods of time.  That didn't keep me from making my way to the fridge, however!  I had to do something to keep my hands busy.  I picked up some needles, bought some Lion Brand Homespun yarn and started knitting scarves.  Now, this was a few years before they became REALLY popular.  After knitting about  50, I thought....what am I going to do with all of these, even after I set many aside for presents.  Off to a local art gallery I went.  They loved and bought them all!  I haven't looked back since!

Here's a little fabric and crocheted halter top.  I was selling these at the local Curves I went to in early 2000.  Crocheted top, fabric bottom (little mermaid fabric on this one).  The sunglasses and pale came with the dress!  The sweet model is the daughter of the Curves owner!  Isn't she just the bomb?  I'm not big on sketching my designs.  I have an idea, go get the yarn and start.  I usually write the pattern as I go, refining it later.  This is one of the few schematics I have done.

I often gift my knitwear and am so tickled to get a photo in return!  Many times they are professionally done....what an honor for me.

I have sold these little sets at children's boutiques. This was a custom order, and the twins are little jewels!.  You can't see it, but the wee girl on the bottom has a birthmark on her cheek....the sweater and hat color match it perfectly.  When the mommy came by with the photos, I mentioned it.  She howled at that!  These are worsted weight and Boa held together throughout.

A couple more sundresses.  I need to get this pattern written up as it's too cute NOT to!

How darling is this?  I've done this in yellow.  The tot always looks like a baby chick to me!  Worsted weight yarn and eyelash held together throughout.

I have made so many of these, I've lost count.....hundreds!  I can't bring myself to make any more.  It's a shame as they are SO cute on a little person.  I do have this sweater/hat pattern available for using Lion Brand Homespun yarn, but it does not include the two yarn directions.  You can just follow the pattern using a worsted (aran) weight (4) yarn and the boa or eyelash together for the proper gauge or sizing.

I do have this pattern available.  It's not a halter, but just as cute!

you can also find my shops by clicking on the header at the top of this post

Well, that's me done for this post!  Have a great week!
Yarn tip:
Here's some illustrations for tying knots if you have to:


  1. Beautiful journals, Sheila! Love the colors you chose!

  2. What a beautiful journey! I can't do any type of needlework so I really appreciate people who can!

  3. The journal is beautiful! I'll have to check out my Michaels to see if they have them in stock! :)

  4. I love the idea of a knitting journal! You've set me to thinking that I should start one too. Hopping over from the yarn along :)

  5. I love the knitting journal idea. I think I may use it for my cross-stitch patterns or for my crochet ideas.

  6. I use notebooks like this too! Good for not only keeping ideas to do but memories to keep! follow you from Creative Friday linky!

  7. I keep little notebooks with me for my spinning. It helps a lot. Love those adorable hat/sweater outfits.


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