Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gift Giving - Hats in a Hat Box...literally!

How sweet are these?  The hat topper and the hat box!  Perfect for gift giving.  I find that sometimes the packaging is better than the actual gift.  Such was the case with my...... 
Fortune Cookie Baby Booties (pattern under "Free Goodies" at the top of the page)...

Take a simple knit hat, top it with a store bought felt piece and pop it in a hat box!  So quick to make up and looks so much more expensive than a plain hat in a gift bag with tissue.  
If you have any of my Technicolor Series Blanket patterns in crochet, 

or knit, the hats coordinate beautifully!

I found the boxes in a local thrift store.  They are designed by Mary Engelbreit and just precious.

The felt toppers I found on sale at my local Hobby Lobby for $1.43, regularly $3.99.  The flower, above, was sewn on to the hat itself and I added my signature button.

I tacked on a hair barrette so they can be put on the side,

or top of the hat. 

The black hat is not part of the Technicolor Series, so I whipped one up to go with the box.  I know, the felt topper is not a daisy like the box, but it's fine.  Looks cute on the side, or...

on the top!

So sweet!

Don't be afraid of black for a baby!  I get many custom orders for hats and I always ask the color of the child and what hair color......I'll tell you why.  In the world of fashion and color, you can't just put any color on a baby just the same way, as adults, we know what color looks best on us.  I did a gorgeous sweater set for my friend.  She was wanting something for her cousin who was awaiting an Asian baby girl.  I told my friend, "let me make something in black and add your signature color, pink buttons!  I promise she will love it".  She did and so did my friend.  It's a great color for an Asian baby.  The orange hat toward the top of the page, is perfect for a redhead.  Black babies, so lucky, can wear any color!  

Each of these was $1.43.  Would also look cute sewn on to a solid color baby blanket to give it something special.  If you have a knitted purse, snap it on there!  Or one of your hand knit shawls or scarves!

Just sew on a snap barrette.  Easy peasy!

Have a great week!

Yarn tip:
I always have hair barrettes on hand.  They keep the tail in place on a ball of yarn.


  1. Stunning post with some amazing tips.

  2. Those gift boxes are a great find.

  3. The hat boxes are really great, and my favourite hat is the ladybird one. I think it would look stunning on.

  4. Love the hat boxes and the embellishments on the hats.


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