Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yarn Stash Sale - Bags Of Yarn For All Your Stitching Needs

What's a girl to do when she runs out of room for new yarn purchases?  Why do we feel the need to hang on to yarns for that "just in case" moment?  Why is it when we get rid of certain yarns, we find a use or project for it the following week?  The only comforting thought is that if we sell it, a like minded knitter or crocheter will buy it as they are skeins she has been looking for at a great price!
                                                                       $10.00 a bag!

Boa, eyelash, satin, ribbon, ladder, fun fur are all yummy yarns I have adored for many years.  Scarves were knitted with love.  Baby sweaters crocheted with gorgeous boa yarns.  Hats made with suede yarn for a toddler noggin!

Easy crochet scarves with Pom Pom yarn for girlfriends one Christmas.  Squishy cowls with soft fuzzy goodness.  Ponchos crocheted with boucle.

Bargain bins at yarn stores beaconing me to scoop up the single skeins to make that one ball project.  Balls of partial skeins that you just can't throw in the trash....I might need that!

Mixing, matching different fibers to create that one of a kind treasure.  Christmas wreaths whipped up with all those left overs.  As much as it pains me, I must let go for the sake of new wonders from independent dyers, my own bare yarns waiting for me to dye them into my own creations.

So, here you go!  Many are full skeins.  Some partials looking for a new home.  All are looking for a new home to become YOUR one of a kind scarves, baby hats, fringe for a blanket and craft projects and all coming from a pet and smoke free home.

Click here for my Bag Of Yarn Sale in my Etsy Shop

Yarn tip:

* I use post it notes too keep track of what line I am on when using a pattern.

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