Sunday, September 8, 2013

Top 3 Knitted Neckwear Patterns

As holiday knitting and crocheting approaches, I've put my top selling patterns together for one price...$10.00!  Each pattern is $5.00 if purchased separately.  The Project Cards sell for $2.00 separately.  That's a savings of $7.00.  All the patterns are great for the advanced beginner and interesting enough for the seasoned knitter.  
The Parchment Shawl is an easy pattern and great for car trips as it is a two row repeat.  You can easily make it larger or smaller and would be stunning in a long run yarn!  The edge is crocheted.  If that is not your thing, a simple garter stitch edge would be just as beautiful and will keep the edge from rolling.

The Cathedral Shawl is done in beautiful Madeline Tosh DK weight yarn.  Feel free to use any weight yarn and needles you have.  A cotton weight yarn with larger needles would be great for the warmer months.
The Classic Cabled Cowl looks complicated, but not so!  No buttonholes either!  Yay!  If you have not tried cables yet, this pattern is for you.  Very simple with big, fat yarn.  The same pattern will work for men or women and uses only one skein of super bulky yarn. A perfect gift for your hairdresser, babysitter, boss or teacher! 

I created my Project Cards (below) as I have many "PIGS" (projects in grocery bags)!  Scarves started but forgotten.  A baby blanket that needs to be finished for a shower.  A shawl put away for a rainy day.  I was constantly saying....what needle went with this project?  I wish I wrote down what hook I used.  What pattern is this?  How many skeins did I need?  

Print the cards off from your computer, punch a hole in one corner and attach it to your project with a pin or slide onto your circular needle.  Ten on a page and plenty of room on the back for additional notes.  Great gift, too, for your knitting or crochet buddy!

I am working on a simple arm warmer pattern and hope to have that up very soon.

Click here for the patterns in my Etsy shop

Have a great week,
Yarn tip:

* A great gift for a knitting friend is some yarn and new needles! Put them in a clear drink cup you get at the coffee chop with a straw! Put the yarn in the cup and replace the straw with a pair of knitting needles!
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  1. I definitely agree on the tip. Another thing is you can sometimes give a gift card to the knitter's favorite store-that way she can pick out the yarn herself. I definitely like the cabled cowl.

  2. Sarah, yours is a great gift idea, thanks for sharing.

  3. That is such a great idea - the project cards I mean! I'm off to make some of my own now!

    1. Shelly, thank you. Click on the "Freebies" tab at the top of the page to download them for free!

  4. Beautiful Sheila! Great deal too! Thanks for linking up on Hookin On Hump Day!

  5. Cathedral Shawl is my favorite!

  6. Such gorgeousness! Thanks for linking up on Hookin On Hump Day!


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