Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time to Think Spring!

As Valentine's Day approaches, that means spring is around the corner!  While I have been happily busy these last months knitting scarves, baby stroller sets, blankets and cowls, I will welcome a little change!

Mini dresses of fabric and a crochet bodice are calling me!  Fabric to runs my hands over and cotton yarn to wrap around my fingers!  Doing my part to reuse the scraps of fabric from my Stroller Set orders, they will be the little dresses.  On the hunt for the matching cotton yarn is half the fun!  Matching colors and that!

Still snow on the ground here in Nebraska, but spring is coming!



  1. You're planning ahead. That's great. I haven't even thought about Valentine's yet.

  2. The baby in this photo is such a doll.Yes we have snow on the ground too.I am one of those people who enjoys winter and snow ( well my knees don't as much any more),but after a while even I get tired of it....I'm not there just yet however Ha Ha.The spring dress looks so adorable!


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