Thursday, January 6, 2011

All About Babies

It's all about babies!  Now that the holidays are over, I look forward to Spring and new life!  After knitting a zillion hat orders for the last few months, I have been busy with baby blanket sets!

I love to get my hands on fabric and yarn together!  New color combos, thick chunky yarns and some hand sewing bring it all together!  I have also found that covered buttons are THE BEST!  They really give a hat, blanket or cowl pizazz!

Thanks for reading, and please stop by my shop for more!  Just click on any photo!

Best to you and yours for a healthy and happy New Year,


  1. Hi I found you from the Natural Suburbia Creative Friday.You have some beautiful items.I am not a good knitter, I do dish rags. I was taught by my sweet Mother in Law.But I enjoy those who do knit.I plan to come back and see what else is new in your knitting world.

  2. You have some beautiful items.Thanks for stopping by and you mentioned something about putting some of my felt toys on your blog.Sure that's great if you have a link back to me.If that's what you were meaning.Now most of my felt toys may not be very good for babies,more for a little older kids. Let me know further and thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Your blankets are one of a kind. I haven't seen anything like them before. I love them. What a great idea to have both knit/crochet and fabric! Thanks for sharing your blog/store with me!

    Jill of

  4. Jill, thank you for the kind words! I have had great response to them!



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