Monday, June 20, 2016

Super Easy Toy Knitting

5-23-16 UPDATE!!
Pattern is ready in all my pattern stores!
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Happy Monday all!  It's scorching hot in the middle of the USA, just the way I like it.  The painter finished up with a fresh coat of paint on the house and it looks marvelous.  Simple white house with black shutters, like before, but looks fresh and new.  

We found some hail damage on the roof, flashing and gutters while all this was going on.  So, that might mean some $$ coming our way!  Yippee!  

I've been working on some knitting toy pattern sets.  One set called "Knitting Zoo"  another called "Petting Zoo" and another, "Baby Zoo".  

("Petting Zoo" dog and cat,  minus the bunny I'm still working on)

Here's the goal:
*knit in one piece
*all must be the same body
*advanced beginner or better
*worsted weight scrap yarn, 7grams
*knit one in about an hour
*sets of 3

Every one has the same head and body.  Different faces and ears.  The ears and tails on the animals are knit separately and sewn on. The "paws" are just long stitches and I think it really adds that little something.  I'm really loving how they all have turned out. 

I added a collar to both the dog and cat.  A rhinestone button is cute, but would have to be removed if giving to a baby.

("Baby Zoo" minus the face and hair on the non-Caucasian baby)

I'd love some feedback on what color yarn to use on that one.  Black for the hair would be fine, but what color to use on the face?  Black yarn won't show up too well.  Would beige do it?  I really want to get it right and I surely don't want to offend. 

I love these little ears, which are knit on the side of the head as you go along, and not added on later.  

 Good size.

I found this little Mercury scale on Amazon for about $12 I think.  So handy.  The felted Polar Bear pin cushion was hand felted and gifted to me from my bestie!

Ok, so I need to get back to finishing up, write up the pattern, take more photos and so on.

Have a great week,

Purls of Wisdom:
Need some short, straight needles?  Get out your double point needles and put a point protector on the end of each one.  Voila!


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