Monday, May 23, 2016

Free Pattern - Knitted Boot Cuffs

As warmer weather comes to the USA, we start to look for projects that are small.  I'm working on low cost items for our church youth group.  They are having a Gift Shop in the fall to raise money for themselves and fingerless mitts, crocheted dishcloths and boot cuffs are the perfect thing to work on over the summer.

I found this FREE pattern on Craftsy by Codi Hudnall.  Super simple and a very fun knit.  I'm going to be making loads of these in 2 different sizes.  

I used Lion Brand Heartland in Mammoth Cave.  The one in the photo is a size medium and used about 3/4 of the skein.  I'm rather "fluffy" and they fit me fine.  My grown, 23 year old, daughter is petite and these were far too big for her.  She'll need a small so, I'll be making those two sizes for their gift shop.

It's supposed to be raining all week in the Heartland, which also means tornado weather.  So, I guess I'll be quite happy to stay indoors and knit away!


Purls of Wisdom:
Speaking of sizes.....Need to keep track of sizes, especially if you make holiday gift giving goodies?  Use plastic bread ties! 

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