Thursday, August 27, 2015

Make Your Own Stitch Markers

I take my elderly mother out every Thursday for Mom-Daughter day.  Whatever she wants to do.  Usually, that means taking her somewhere she wouldn't drive to herself.  Today was Hobby Lobby day.  

While perusing the "make your own jewelry" isle, I came across these sweet little gnome charms.  How adorable are these tiny treasures, I ask you?  I instantly thought of stitch markers.

So, over to the findings area where they sell all the things you need to make your own jewelry.  I found these lever back wires typically used to make earrings.  They are just the thing I need to make stitch markers for crochet OR knitting.  The lever back makes it removable for crochet projects.
Some pliers to attach the ring on the gnome to the earring piece and.....

Viola!  Instant stitch marker.
With the half off sale, that makes 3 stitch markers for $3.50 a piece.

I'm going to rummage through my jewelry box to see if there is anything in there to make more!


Purls of Wisdom:
I always pick up little charms when they are in the clearance area in a shop.  I use them to add interest to many of my scarves.  I add them as I knit along with a tiny crochet hook so I don't have to string them all on the yarn before I start knitting. 


  1. How cute! That's a great idea! I'm sort of partial to gnomes.

  2. I love gnomes. Great find. Great kindness showed to your mom

  3. Some lovely ideas, I love the gnomes!

  4. great markers! I made some bead ones quite a while ago and they just seem more special when you do it yourself


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