Sunday, July 12, 2015

More Sockhead Hats

I don't know what it is, but I love knitting Sockhead Hats!  Maybe it's the one skein project I love.  Or, maybe, it's the fact that it's great for anyone.  It also could be the mindless knitting that we all love, or the need for a small take along diddy.  Of course, I think it's all of the above.

To be honest, I have been knitting these for the last few weeks as 3 deaths have been on my mind and mindless knitting was the medicine of choice.  

A lovely girl I went to Jr. High, high school and college with, passed away after fighting liver cancer.  Her struggle was long and difficult often times enduring this all on her own.  Never has there been a sweeter person.  A few of us girls from high school will be attending the memorial this Thursday.  I popped over to Michaels and picked up single, purple flowers, one for each of us to lay on her memorial table.  Purple and white are the colors of our high school.

The second was fellow blogger Wink.  I'm sure you have all read about this sad event from social media.  So sad.  I "talked" to her a number of times on her blog and felt like I knew her just the same as if I did in person.

The third was the death of the homeowner who lives in a house I owned located in Des Moines, Iowa. Very tragic.  

Anyway, enough with the sad and on with the good!  Life does go on no matter what and so knitting has helped me move forward.  Thanks for "listening". 

Back to the hats.....

They make a great graduation gift. Perfect for all those long walks on campus to class.
I love the all day comfort with great style.

I used 
Fiesta Baby Boom in Painted Desert for the band, and
Fiesta Baby Boom in Taos for the hat portion.

I've misplaced the yarn band for this one, sorry.

This one is Patons Kroy in Rusty Stripes.


Thanks for stopping by, 

Purls of Wisdom:
If you have difficulty joining in the round and keeping your stitches from twisting after the cast on, here's what I do.  I knit back and forth for a few rows then join to knit in the round.  I sew up the little gap it makes with the cast on tail.


  1. Your hats are adorable, so sorry about your friend.

  2. Oooh, that Rusty Stripes hat looks especially terrific. And yes, knitting (or crocheting, for me) makes for good medicine sometimes. I'm sorry about your loss of your long-time friend.


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