Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Shawl and Thrift Store Findings

I'm working on a summer shawl pattern.  Gorgeous colors of the sea and very easy to knit up.  

It's in the blocking stage at the moment.  I block most of my shawls "dry" then give them a heavy spray of water with a few drops of Soak in the bottle.  I find it much easier this way as sometimes a soaked shawl or scarf is a bit unruly. 

I'll be adding some beading to the short ends for interest and a little weight.  Still working out the details on that.

One lonely, yarny blanket in a thrift store last week.  Usually you can find 5-10 on a rack.

I did spy these vintage flower loom project books.  So retro and lovely.  Really takes me back to my childhood as I grew up in the 60's and 70's.

Last, but not least, my pal Joan is riding her bike across Scotland.  She's my age, mid 50's and I just can't imagine doing that myself.  I'm so very grateful that she took the time to hunt down a shop, send me photos of fiber, worked it all out with the shop owner and get it in the mail to me.  I'm going to get two shawls out of this yardage, one for myself and one for Joan, of course.  She lives in Denver, Colorado USA, so it will be perfect!

Anyhoo, she sent me this lovely spool of sapphire worsted weight goodness from the Isle of Iona with two labels.  The shop is Iona Craft Shop if you happen to be up that way.

The sheep graze every corner of the island and when summer comes they are sheared to enjoy the sun.  They sort through the fleeces one by one then they are spun together to become Iona Wool.

The postcard on the right shows the beautiful sunrise over the sound of Iona.

Thanks for stopping by,

Purls of Wisdom,
I purchase my blocking boards from any store that carries giant foam puzzles for children, in the toy department.  So much cheaper than traditional blocking boards. Don't have blocking boards?  Lay out your project on the carpet or bed mattress. 


  1. Is that blocking lines you're using? I've heard of something like that, but have never seen it.

    1. They are called blocking wires and are made of steel. You use them to stretch out your project to certain measurements. You then wet your project throughly. After it is completely dry, you pull out the wires and your item stays in that shape. I hope this helps.

  2. Lovely shawl! And kudos to your friend for biking in Scotland!


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