Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fun Findings at Michael's

I was at Michael's this morning looking for yarn, of course, for an order.  For my friends overseas, Michael's is a craft store here in the USA.  They are gearing up for spring and I noticed some very lovely Cath Kidston/Greengate inspired goodies!  Gorgeous pencils for $2.00.  Eight are in a package which come to $.25 each.  I just adore them in all their feminine glory!

Lovely gift tags, as well for $2.00.  Twelve in a package for $.16 each.  I plan on using these in my "goodie bags" that are included with any purchase, excluding pdf patterns, in my Etsy shop.  In these little bags I place a coupon for a future order, one of my business cards and a little something else. 

These clothespins are a future gift for one of my out of town girlfriends who loves the color pink.  When I stay with her I like to give her something in her signature color and she will love these.  I think I'll crochet a little cotton bag to keep them in as I'm sure she will use them outside to hang her laundry.

These paper straws are cute too and perfect for a party.  Again, $2.00 for 36 straws.

They also have a bunch of bins with Betsy Johnson goodies.  For those of you who don't know, she is a fashion designer using bright colors.  These cel phone cases were $5.00 each.  I didn't look, but they might be for an iphone6.

  This luggage tag and plastic zippered pouch were $5 each too.  They have both of those is different colorways.  I'm just showing you one style here.

The 4 clothespins are great for keeping snack bags closed and are $5.00 and so is....

the zippered pouch.

This travel cup comes in different colors for $5.00 each.  Cute.  If you are gifting some yarn to a friend, put the balls in here with some knitting needles in place of the straw.

Lastly, these journals with an elastic band and built in bookmark are fun.  I don't remember the price, but it would be $5.00 or a little more.

I hope you  like my fun findings!  
Happy Hump Day,

Gift buying tip:
When I see something that someone would like, I buy it!  Especially if it only costs a couple dollars.  I know I will be needing a gift for that person whether it's a birthday, Christmas, get well, hostess gift or just because!

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