Thursday, August 7, 2014

Barefoot Sandals, a Knit Kit and a Charmed Row Counter

I love these barefoot sandals my daughter made!  She saw some on Pinterest and asked me to show her how.  A mother can't resist!  We got out one of my crochet books...Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs by Edie Eckman....we popped over to Hobby Lobby and bought some Lion Brand Bon Bons....and away she went on her first crochet project.  She then sewed on some little white seed beads, which make them really pop!

She then tried another motif pattern and added another yarn color.  I think they are both really cute!  What a great bridesmaids gift for a beach wedding!  She put them both up on "snap chat" and all her friends wanted to know where to buy them.  I have a feeling she will be crocheting them up for bithday or Christmas presents for all her besties!

I've been busy putting Knit Kits together for my Etsy shop.  Here's how have them listed in my shop:

Everything a knitter or crocheter needs for their project bag. A $25.00 value!

You get everything you see here:

*Zippered bag with two pockets (measures 6.5" W x 9.5 L) {16.5cm x 24.3cm} color may vary
*Journal (80 blank pages) color may vary
*Tape measure
*Two barrettes (I use them to keep yarn tails in place on my yarn balls)
*Two sewing needles
*One row counter
*Ribbon on thread card
*Four point protectors
*Two cable needles
*One needle gauge
*Two stitch holders
*Ten bobbins
*Twenty crochet stitch markers
*One pair of scissors
*One Project Card

A $25.00 value!

And it all fits in the zippered bag.

Great gift for yourself or any knitter or hooker.

That's a TON of goodness for $16.00!!!!  I only have 5 available, so if you'd like one for yourself or yarn buddy, visit my Etsy shop to purchase.  

This is one of the cutest knitting/crocheting accessories I have seen in a long time.  Attach it right to your project.  Heidi Bears Row Counter for Circular Needles Tutorial is on her sight and easy to follow.  I can't wait to go out and get a few things to make some!  I often misplace my row counters as they are quite small.  This will make it easy to remember to USE the row counter on many a project.

I'm heading over to the Iowa State Fair next week.  My annual trip with one of my closest friends, Michelle.  I so look forward to it every year.  Food on a stick, the butter cow,  all the blue ribbons for best knitting and crocheted items, the piglets, baby lambs, and the largest bull and pumpkin in the state!  

When I was a teenager, in the '70's, my friend Karen and I would go there first thing in the morning, take off our shoes, walk around barefoot, till it closed at night!  It...was...awesome.  We saw Elton John, Sonny and Cher, Loggins and Messina, Chicago and Seals and Croft.  Some of the best memories of my life.  I am still friends with Karen and saw her last weekend when I passed through Kansas City, where she lives with her family.  I'm SO lucky to still have her in my life.

Have a great weekend,

Yarn Tip:  
I keep a knit kit in my suitcase. When I travel, I sometimes forget to pop one in my project bag.  This way, I always have one on vacation or business trips.


  1. Love the stitch kits! The sandals will make a great beach gift.

  2. What a fun idea! I posted these on my Google + page :) Thanks for linking up to Monday Funday! POST:

  3. What adorable sandals. They really would be great for a beach wedding.

  4. I just had to visit your site the minute I saw those sandals in Yarn Along. Your daughter is quite creative. What a great project!


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