Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hat In The Box

Just LOOK at these cute boxes I found at a local thrift store!
I squealed with delight.  Little log boxes perfect for gift giving a hat for a boy.  They were $2.00 each and in excellent shape.

I thought of my technicolor hats right away, especially this one with the felt owl.  A little owl in the woods!   Little boy things are rather difficult to find, so when I stumble across something, I have to have it!

Perfect fit!  Must add tissue for the professional touch.

It is a paper mache box with these log like papers decoupaged on it.  Just too cute and very well done.  If you were so inclined, you could do this design right on a box with paint or markers.  I would suspect a triangle box is hard to find, but you could do the same thing on a round box.

I get many invitations to baby showers, and often times the gift is one of my baby blankets.  Sometimes, however, a smaller gift is required and this packaging makes a simple hat extra special!  No gift bag for this one!

I might whip up one of my little toy owls to add to the "log"!  Maybe do it in grey and orange to match the felt piece.

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Yarn tip:
When traveling by plane, I don't bring along a pair of scissors for fear they will be confiscated.  I keep an empty dental floss container in my knit kit to cut yarns ends instead.

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