Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Trip to Our Nations Capital and Shopping!

My husband and I were on a recent trip to Washington, DC, 
Rehoboth, Delaware, 
Alexandria, Virginia and 
National Harbor, Maryland.
We visited family, attended a wedding, and walked!  Why is it when you go on holiday, there is SO much walking?  Of course, when there is much walking, there is much shopping!

Just LOOK at all this gorgeous, porcelain dish ware from Pip Studio!  Very Cath Kidston and Greengate looking, but available in the USA!  Awesome sauce!  I bought the two fruit bowls in the top photo.  Now, I don't know what I will do with them, but does that really matter?  It would be a perfect yarn bowl!  Oh how I wanted to buy more from this lovely shop in Alexandria, Virginia.  

Decorium, "suppliers of whimsy and inspiration", was the most beautiful shop and the first one we walked in to when we got to King street.  Jeff Albert, the owner was there to greet us with a smile and he was very tolerant of my aggressively friendly nature.  All of the staff were so very kind and helpful.  I mention this as I have been to many a city where this was not the case. 

Beautiful shades of robins egg blue, the prettiest pinks and warm reds.  Those jugs......I must have picked them up a dozen times!  Pip also has this line in khaki, which is equally gorgeous.

What table wouldn't be stunning with any of these plates, bowls, tea cups, teapots and pitchers?  The photo is a bit deceiving.  These bowls and plates are very large indeed.  It was terribly difficult to resist, but one has only so much room in a suitcase and the airlines only allow two carry on bags, one being a ladies purse.  That's ok, I'll be back and will plan accordingly!

Pip Home, "happy products for happy people"!

I picked up two kitschy tea towels in a Rehoboth Beach, Delaware shop.  I love these by Catstudio .  You might recognize the design.  They are the folks who make those gorgeous, embroidered pillows.  They also make drinking glasses, of which I have several, aprons, beach towels, mugs and plates.  Just tons of fun stuff!   Great memento of our trip.  I purchased the Delaware towel as well.

I found these cute journal books which I use to jot down knitting and crochet patterns, renderings, ideas and doodles.  Isn't that Fifty Shades (illustration by Sooshichacha) book darling?  Peter Pauper Press puts out the best books!  The one on the right is Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life frieze (c. 1909).  If you pop over to their site, they are part of their small format journals.  We usually buy some kind of historical book as well, to remind us of where we have been.  In the last photo, you'll see one for Washington, DC.

I also like to pick up Christmas ornaments on my travels.  Our tree is full of them!  Everywhere from the US and Europe.  I put the year on them to remind us of our trips.  I don't have a photo, but I also like to buy charms for my charm bracelet and I found only one shop that carries them.  The White House gift shop had several and I purchased a tiny White House....of course!  My bracelet is getting nice and full too.  I go to the Iowa State Fair every year with one of my besties and they have two new ones every year.  If you are familiar with state fairs, think.....butter cow, corn dog, cherry pie, corn stalk.....!

The trip was super!  White House tour of the east wing, Lincoln and Washington Monuments.  WWII, Korean and Vietnam Memorials.  The Hope Diamond, Cherry Blossoms, food trucks, art museums, row houses, brownstones, family, new friends, beaches, a wedding, shopping and no plane delays!  Whoo hoo!

There you have it!  It's Saturday and Easter is tomorrow.  To my Greek Orthodox followers.......Christos Anesti (Christ is Risen)!

Happy Easter!



  1. So glad y'all enjoyed your visit to DC and Alexandria, VA. I live about 2 miles from Old Towne Alexandria, and my soul soars every time I go there. I try to stay out of it except 4 or 5 times a year since the shops play havoc with my budget..loll.

  2. Oh Mitzi, your city was such eye candy for me! Beautiful federal style homes, clean streets, warm and welcoming people. I can't wait to go back. Alexandria makes me a very proud American indeed.



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