Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gift Giving and Receiving

This is the time of year that I really treat myself!  I feel that I work hard all year knitting and crocheting away.  Custom orders, pattern writing, photography, networking and keeping up with 4 online shops and another one in the works.  I'm also working on my first book of patterns.  But who can pass up on all the yarny goodness of sales!  Just look at what arrived this week from Knitcircus!  Three hanks of glorious, hand painted yummy yarn from Jaala.  AND, a mini skein, free hat pattern and Soak soap.  Can't wait to get out my winder to cake these!  

Knitpicks has a great sale going on at the moment.  They have very affordable prices even without a sale, so you can save a bundle when the yarn is 50% off.  I am awaiting a big box of goodies from them this week!  Whoo hoo!
 I also treated myself to a Gelaskin for my Mac.  This is my logo for my knitwear business. A crocheted blanket and bunny, with an ombre ribbon, in a linen colorway.  I'm sorry that it does not show well in the photo.  I use it on all my Moo business cards, stickers and labels.  Gelaskins is a great product.  I do not receive anything for touting their praises.  The site is easy to navigate, upload your photo and purchase.  They have skins and cases for all your iphones and laptops.  They also have tons of designs to choose from if you don't have your own photo.
The keyboard decals are from Kidecals.  I bought these a few months ago and love them.  You can read the post here.  They have some new decals this season, a great sale and you can create your own on their site, too.

Have a great week,
Yarn tip from Knit Simple:
To keep stripes even on circular needles,when you come to your next color change, put your needle in the stitch below and knit with the new color.

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