Saturday, July 6, 2013

Keyboard decals / not yarny, but still awesome!

Just LOOK at these awesome decals I found in my mailbox today!  I have not been in love with something other than yarn for a long time.  I'm not even sure how I ran across them....maybe another blog.

Laminated keyboard stickers by Kidecals.  I am crazy over the Pretty Roses Keycals.  Feminine, colorful and a brilliant idea!

If you sign up for their newsletter you get 15% off your first order.  They are for 13" and 15" Macbook,  Macbook Pro and Macbook Air and bluetooth keyboards only, so be aware.  Also, they are removable.

Some of the letters and numbers are a bit hard to read, but if you are old like me, you took typing in high school and don't look at your keys much.

There are 20 designs to choose from, cost $14.00 (without the discount) and shipping is free.

I bought the orange set my for daughters birthday coming up.  She will love these and all the letters and numbers can easily been seen.

They also have smaller sets for $6.00.  A set of 9 for certain keys only.  Still, really cute.  If I knew which of my friends had a Mac, this is what they would all be getting for Christmas!

Yarny post next week for sure.


*tip of the week:

Buy little snap barrettes and mini rubber bands in the hair care section of the dollar store to keep the loose tails on balls of yarn!

Click here for the kidecals/keycals site

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  1. Oh good heavens. another reason that i need to get mac. haha. Seriously, those are beautiful! It's kind of funny that computers still look so manly while at least 50% of computer users are women! Bring on the pretty!


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