Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Fabrics

I have loved fabric my entire life!  My mother made many of my clothes growing up as it was cheaper to make them than it was to buy ready made.  Back in the day...the '80's...I made clothes for myself quite often, having learned to sew from my mother.  Simple patterns that would include a jacket and pencil skirt.  I loved making clothes for the office in easy wear knit.  I worked at the courthouse, here in Omaha, Nebraska, for ten years and being smartly dressed was a must.  A funny little tid bit....ladies were not permitted to wear pants until 1973 in the court system!

 Anyway, back to my post.  I also love yarn, so putting the two together is a natural for me.

My Crocheted Reversible Baby Blanket pattern includes both.  I had so many customers ask me where I found my fabrics, that I decided to list them for sale.
Stand alone fabric stores like Hancock and JoAnn's sell beautiful cloth.  Even some Wal Marts sell fabric.  There is a locally owned store here in Omaha that I love, Mangelsen's.  The above photo shows cute little butterflies.

I do many custom blankets for new babies and the fabrics that I receive from the buyers are gorgeous.  I love it when the package arrives and I decide on the yarn color.  It is much easier to pick a yarn color AFTER you choose your fabric.  A quick note to the customer to discuss yarn colors and I'm off!  Fingers flying!
All of the above photos are of fabrics that I would choose myself for the Reversible Baby Blanket.  I have them listed in my Etsy shop .  I'm also getting ready to list and sell fabric scraps by the pound.  One and two pounds of huge designer pieces.

If I was a better photographer you would see the details and yummy colors at their best.  I am a knitter/crocheter by trade not Annie Leibovitz or Anne Geddes!


find fabrics in my Etsy shop here
find the Crocheted Reversible Baby Blanket here

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