Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Local Yarn Shops Vacation

Just LOOK at this yummy yarn I found in St. Louis, Missouri at the lovely Ewe Knit Yarns!   As an added bonus, the yarn dyer herself, Rachel was in the shop!  What a great pleasure it was to meet her and have a little chat.  That's Rachel below in the black top giving a knitting lesson to one lucky girl.  It really makes the yarn so very special when you have a memory to attach to it, don't you think?  This DyeabolicalYarn Strong Arm Skinny sock yarn is hand dyed superwash merino with the most make-you-smile name.....Queen's Tea.

I do like to buy local when visiting yarn shops during my travels.  I was in St. Louis, my home town, to meet my cousins for a trip to Nashville, Tn.  Above is another local dyer, Skeined Alive Dyed and Gone To Heaven in Stop Saying That.  It also is a superwash merino sock yarn.  Gorgeous autumn  colors in this one.

Above is the shop.  It was a bit nippy outside to do any yarnings, but the inside.....

was full of cute baskets holding all the squishy goodness that I can't resist!  I love the little hanging baskets holding even more!  The owners and customers were so very nice and eager to help with a question or just to chat.  You can't say that about every yarn shop.

I also bought a lovely shawl pin.  I was wearing my Crocodile Stitch Shawl and really needed something to hold it while wearing as a shawl and not a scarf.  I got more attention wearing that shawl everywhere I went!  The airport was full of gawkers.  The female TSA agents caused quite a stir all rushing up to me!  The men TSA agents were quite alarmed for a second.

The next stop was Kirkwood Knittery.  I love these buttons, so colorful and big at 2" across.  They are destined to be used to hold a shawl instead of a shawl pin.

Off to Nashville we go!  Now, I'm pretty sure no one is interested in my ramblings about the full size replica of the Parthenon in Greece that's in Nashville....or President Andrew Jackson's home....or The Grand Ol' Opry....or The Gaylord Hotel (the largest hotel in the USA without a casino)....or Corky's Bar-B-Q!  However, they were all GREAT and if you are in Nashville, they are definitely worth your time.

I did, of course, find a yarn shop!  Bliss Yarns hooked me up with this local dyer in Mountain City, Tn...Miss Babs.  Yowza-Whatta Skein in Awesome.  And it is!  Superwash, hand painted and 560 yards!  WOW!

AND in the 1/2 off sale bin.....Cascade Yarns 128 tweed.
Bliss Yarns was full of people shopping and knitting.  I saw two full tables and there was a table tucked around the corner full of ladies chatting away in their southern drawl.  My cousins had a bit of a struggle with the accent, but my husband, daughter and I lived in Memphis for a couple years, so I felt right at home!  They were so very helpful and just a pleasure to visit with.  When you travel to a yarn shop out of your area, be sure to tell them you are out of town, they love to show you local goods.

Well, that was my trip.  Now I am back to bill paying, laundry, my morning job and snow!  Spring can't come too soon for me!

Have a great week,


  1. That sounds like a great trip! I love finding great yarn stores.

  2. Two cities I just love. Live 2 hours from both. Must hit those shops in St Louis, my fav place is Knit and Caboodle in St Charles, MO. I do have to LOL at your note about Mountain City being a local to Nashville. They are actually over 5 hours apart. I love Nashville's Parthenon. And how is it, that I have never gone knit shop hopping in Nashville? I must remedy that. I only drive through there twice a year! But usually with Hubster, who is not prone to stopping for knit shops.

  3. Thanks for your great note! You know, I was a Guest Pinner on Craftsy

    (you can read the whole interview here) http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/01/featured-guest-pinners-sheila-kristin/

    and they asked me about one of my boards, and I had a comment about MY Hubster...."I also have a very supportive and understanding husband. God bless him….never complains, can make dinner while I say “just let me finish this row” and will sit in a yarn shop, holding my purse as I shop….WHILE WE’RE ON VACATION no less!"

    Have a great weekend,


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