Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stitches West

This is the latest baby blanket in my Etsy Shop!  I love classic black and white!  The chevron stitch is also classic and the tassels add something extra!

I'm getting ready to travel to Santa Clara, California for the Stitches West event this week!  Can't wait, however, flying is NOT one of my favorite things to do!  As I have gotten older, I'm talkin' only early 50's here, I get motion sick, have claustrophobia and sometimes suffer from anxiety attacks!  I will be suffering from them all on the plane ride as it is the size of a Greek elevator!  ARG!  For those of you who don't know about Greek elevators....they are only 4' x 4'!  I kid you not!  I got stuck in one in Greece a few years ago that seemed like an hour, but it was only 10 minutes!  When we came back to the US, I was never so glad to see the words OTIS on the next elevator I encountered!

I digress...Stitches West with Craftsy will be great fun!  And all the YARN!  Oh, my poor pocketbook!  I post pics and all the dish when I get back next week!

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