Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolution!

Happy New Year to all on this New Year's Eve!  

I have had a fun filled year with great success at my Etsy shop and on which has graciously invited me to join them at the Stitches West in California in February!  It will be my great honor to talk about my Classic Cabled Cowl Tutorial ( and!  

If you have not visited please find them here to see crafts from cooking to quilting!  Papers crafts, felting and jewelry making are just a few of the fun things you will find there!  Knitters, crocheters, sewers and gardeners share photos and skills!  They offer tons of workshops and classes of all kinds too!  Buy yarn, fabric and tools, all in the same spot!

Our daughter, and Etsy model, Zoe, (in the middle with her lifelong friends and hand made scarves pattern here) is in her second year of college studying Costume Design and loving it!  My husband, Brian and I are healthy and happily married 20 years this year!  Travel is in our future to see family in Florida, Texas, St. Louis and Oklahoma!

My resolution is the same every be a better person!  To be kinder, more generous and a better listener, which means trying to keep my mouth shut!  That in itself is a challenge for me! :)  Would love to hear what your year was like and any resolutions you might have!

Best and Happy New Year,

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