Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Hand Crafted Crochet Hook Collection

Are you a collector of "things"?  I am.  I love so many things.  Tiny tins, charms of places I travel to for my charm bracelet, Christmas ornaments of the same places and most recently, crochet hooks.

I popped right over to visit Kelli at TheClayBeanCo.  Fell in love with so many of her "things".  The Fox, Fawn and Corn were my hooks of choice.  The shop owner was quick to answer any questions, great customer service and the package arrived on time in great condition.

These are just so dang cute and very well made and look just like the picture on the listing.  If you like the fox, just send her a note to make one for you.  I especially like that the thumb rest is left exposed.

 Kelli also has knitting needles!

Maybe for my daughter at Christmas.  She does knit, but has a very busy life.  She'd wear these in her hair stuck in a bun.

Mom has a love of hedgehogs, so I'll get these for her upcoming birthday or Christmas.

There are adorable stitch markers as well.

I love these from Lisa at Polka Dot Cottage.  The granny hook on the right is a fav of mine.  If you buy 3 or more you get $2 off each hook!  They are bright and colorful and very well made too.

I'm sure you have all seen the Furls crochet hooks on various social media sites.  To be honest, I haven't tried using this one yet, but it's gorgeous!

Not the greatest photo of this one by korutumi.  A little Geisha girl.  These are on Etsy and she has....

Buttons and stitch markers too!

Fun, zodiac gift set would be a great gift for your hooker buddy!

A small collection right now, but a very affordable addiction!

Have a great weekend,

Purls of Wisdom:
I never travel with my treasured hooks or knitting needles.  Not even by car.  They can get lost, stolen or confiscated by an airline employee.  For air travel, I take a generic hook or needles in my carry on project bag and pack my better notions in my luggage. 


  1. What a fun collection! How cute!

  2. Oh gosh these are so cute! Must resist clicking...oh if there was only room in the budget at the moment!


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