Saturday, December 14, 2013

Missoni Inspired Chevron Blankets

I love orders I get for baby blankets!  Small, squishy and unique.  This one is for a little girls black stroller.  I adore the pom poms and they really take the blanket from ordinary to something special!
True black and ivory go great together.  It looks like crisp white in the photo, but ivory is a much better contrast.  White yarn would be a bit too harsh, so the ivory softens it up.  
 I used my Pink Champagne Baby Blanlet pattern and substituted the colors with black and ivory.
 I made the poms from with a pom maker from Clover.  Definitely worth the small investment as they come out so perfect.  Ivory poms would have been just as cute.
 This photo is a little like a zebra print, which would also be as cute as can be!  I used machine wash acrylic I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby.  Black and a shocking pink would be great for the mom that likes color!
My buttons are custom made from this Etsy shop.   I love them so much!  Made of wood and the name of my Etsy shop is applied with a lazar.  If you don't have an shop, they would be cute with "made for you with love".  They are very affordable and the shop owners are very easy to work with.
 Here is another order, same pattern,  in white and 2 shades of grey.  Poms need to be made...I'm thinking the lightest shade of grey. 
 Did I already say...I love my custom buttons? 
If you look close, you can see the middle of the blanket is solid white for a number of rows.  Not the greatest photos....darn those clouds outside! 

I finished up a Blooming Flower cushion, from Attic24, with some Knit Picks yarn.  As soon as the sun comes out, I can get some photos taken!

Have a great week,

Yarn tip:
When seaming something made with bulky or super bulky yarn, use a thinner yarn in the same color to join the pieces together.
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  1. Beautiful! I love it :) The colours of the black and ivory are so timeless - Rhondda

  2. Love the black!!! And those pom poms!!! A very chic baby blanket!!!

  3. Adorable! I love the pom poms!!! Those buttons are super cute too. :)

    1. Thank you! I popped over to your blog and joined the Stashbuster Challange 2014!

  4. Thanks! I love your little hook size markers! I'm going to make some myself. I use my Project Cards to keep track of what I'm doing. You can find them in the Free Goodies button at the top of my page!

  5. Oh wow, the stripes on that first one are super-striking!

    1. Thank you Jessica! Sometimes a photo REALLY comes out great!

  6. I love your buttons too! Those blankets do look super smooshy.

  7. Oh yes, it is stunning! Ivory seems to go so much better with black than white does. I like the idea of mono colours for babies. Your work is super neat too. Cheers!


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